What is the difference between the Eurotherm 590C and Parker 590P DC drives?




First: the difference in the appearance of the Eurotherm Parker 590C P-type DC drive panel

Often in the work of enterprise equipment personnel when asked about the model of 590, said the model is 590+, in fact 590+ corresponding model should be P (this sentence is completely correct to be examined), the most obvious difference between the front of the P machine and the C machine is the key is not the same, 590C DC drive on the right side of the display has four square keys, They are E/M/ up arrow and down arrow. On the right of the button are six status indicators. On the other hand, the Continental 590P had 10 round buttons on the panel. They were: E exit key, M menu and confirm key, up, down, PROG program key, R/L local remote switch key, left and right key, JOG jog button, I start key, O stop key, early SSD versions of the panel is the same as the shell of the light blue, later Continental and Parker products are yellow panel, and the panel can be removed separately. The Continental 590C buttons and display are integrated with the motherboard control card. As you can see, it is easy to distinguish between the Parker 590C and the P from the panel, and the P obviously has more functions, so the price is more expensive than the C with the same power.


Second: Eurotherm Parker 590C type P DC drive control card that CPU motherboard on the difference

The main board of Eurotherm 590C is a whole PCB board with the same size as the cover. In addition to the indicator light, display screen, keys, there are also several potentiometers and code switches for setting armature current, armature voltage, excitation current, excitation voltage and other information. For details, see "Software and Hardware Setting Method of Eurotherm Parker 590C DC drive". Parker 590P type drive motherboard is relatively small, less than half the size of the C type, so the above components intensive many, maintenance difficulty is higher, 590P type external display screen, only electronic components on the motherboard and the ABC interface with the same machine, so, Its armature current, armature voltage, excitation current, excitation voltage and other Settings are to be completed by key operation.


Third: the difference in the function and performance of the Eurotherm Parker 590C P-type DC drive

The price of Eurotherm 590C is cheaper, the current of the original product is only 300A, and the expansion is used to solve the problem when a larger current is needed. This scheme has been widely used, because the expansion scheme can theoretically achieve infinite current, and the price is more reasonable compared with the 590P finished machine. Type 590P current is available from 16A to 2000A. According to the actual maintenance experience, it is difficult to tell which model is used more and has better quality. Even compared with Siemens 6RA rectifier and ABB DCS series converter, the quality is also hard to tell. Of course, the market share is obviously more than the Eurotherm 590.



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