What is The DC590+ Series DC Digital Drive ?

The DC590+ Series DC Digital Drive is designed for use in a suitable enclosure, with associated control equipment. The unit accepts a variety of standard three-phase ac supply voltages depending upon the model, and is suitable for the powering of DC shunt field and permanent magnet motors, providing controlled dc output voltage and current for armature and field.

All units are designed for simple and economical panel mounting using keyhole slots. Plug-in control connectors simplify the fitting and removal of the unit to the panel.

Where possible, standard parts are used throughout the range thereby reducing the variety of spare parts required to maintain a multi-drive system. For example, the same basic control boards are used in all types of three-phase armature controller regardless of horsepower or bridge configuration.

The control circuit is totally isolated from the power circuit thus simplifying the interconnection of controllers within a system and improving operator safety. The coding circuitry adjusts automatically to accept supply frequencies between 45-65Hz and possesses high immunity to supply-borne interference. The armature controllers are phase rotation insensitive.

Control and Communications

The drive is controlled by a 32 bit Microcontroller providing advanced features such as:

  • Complex control algorithms which are not achievable by simple analog techniques.
  • Software-configurable control circuitry built around standard software blocks.
  • Serial link communications with other drives or a PC for advanced process systems.

The Keypad gives access to parameters, diagnostic messages, trip settings and full application programming.

Regenerative and Non-Regenerative Models

The motor armature controllers include both regenerative and non-regenerative models:

  • Regenerative controllers consist of two fully-controlled thyristor bridges and a field bridge with full transient and overload protection, together

with sophisticated electronic control of acceleration and deceleration, speed and torque in both directions of rotation.

  • Non-regenerative controllers consist of one fully-controlled thyristor bridge and a field bridge with full transient and overload protection,

together with its associated electronic control circuitry, and provide accurate speed and/or torque control in one selected direction of rotation.

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