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Parker SSD 590P 70A 4Q 220V to 500V 3ph AC to DC Converter —— 590P-53270020-P00-U4A0 (590P/0070/500/0011/UK/AN/0/0/0)—— Parker 590+ Series Digital DC Drives!
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  • Release time : 2023-11-11
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Parker SSD 590P 70A 4Q 220V to 500V 3ph AC to DC Converter —— 590P-53270020-P00-U4A0 (590P/0070/500/0011/UK/AN/0/0/0)

—— Parker 590+ Series Digital DC Drives


Parker SSD 590P Series 70A Four Quadrant DC Thyristor Drive for 400V Supply with 110V or 230V Control supply (universal). Converts a three phase AC supply to DC for speed of a DC motor.
Typical Motor output, up to 28.5kW (38HP) at 460V DC for motor speed and torque control.

Includes Keypad and Analogue Tachogenerator feedback board.
Simple to set-up in Digital, fully-isolated Four Quadrant static Reversing form and ready to run from its 'Quick Set-Up' settings.
Dimensions: Frame Size 2, 200mm Wide x 292mm Deep x 434mm High.

Terminals include:-
5 x Analogue Inputs (4 x Configurable).
3 x Analogue Outputs (2 x Configurable).
Tacho input (or internal AVF) Feedback.
10 x Digital inputs - 5 are Configurable including two as encoder inputs for a second or line encoder.
3 x Digital Outputs (all Configurable).
+ & - 10V for Potentiometers.

Input Current:  58A for Armature + up to 10A for Field.
Input Voltage:  220V to 500V +-10% at 50/60Hz (for use on 220V/230V/240V/380V/415V/440V/460V/480V three phase main supplies).
Input fuse:  80A - to suit input bridge at 8000A²s
Use a choke in the supply at 50uH minimum

Ambient Temperature:  Rated at 40C.
Ventilation Space:  160mm above, 100mm below. 0mm at sides.
Heat Loss:  234W at maximum output.
Mounting:  Panel mount with M6 screw fixings on 418 x 140mm centres.

Part Number:  590P-53270020-P00-U4A0. Legacy part number is 590P/0070/500/0011/UK/AN/0/0/0. Exactly the same as Eurotherm Drives branded product bearing the same part number.  Use this product for code 590P-53270010-P00-U4V0 and change the feedback option to 'AVF' for Armature Voltage Feedback as speed measurement.

Replaces:- SSD and Eurotherm Drives 590C-0070, 590A-0070, 545-0700 analogue products. Requires external back-up high speed fuses.


The former European/American Parker (SSD) Drive System Co., Ltd. is an excellent technology manufacturer in the fields of inverter, DC and servo drive and motor industry. It is famous for its wide product range, reliable product quality, continuous innovation of professional technology, rich application experience and global support capability.


Parker 590+ Series DC Drives Model:


Parker 590P Series Digital DC Drive  Parker 591P Series Digital DC Drive 
590P-53215010-P00-U4A0 591P-53215010-P00-U4A0
590P-53235010-P00-U4A0 591P-53235010-P00-U4A0
590P-53240020-P00-U4A0 591P-53240020-P00-U4A0
590P-53270020-P00-U4A0 591P-53270020-P00-U4A0
590P-53311020-P00-U4A0 591P-53311020-P00-U4A0
590P-53316520-P00-U4A0 591P-53316520-P00-U4A0
590P-53318032-P00-U4A0 591P-53318032-P00-U4A0
590P-53327032-P00-U4A0 591P-53327032-P00-U4A0
590P-53338042-A00-U4A0 591P-53338042-A00-U4A0
590P-53350042-A00-U4A0 591P-53350042-A00-U4A0
590P-53372542-A00-U4A0 591P-53372542-A00-U4A0
590P-53383042-A00-U4A0 591P-53383042-A00-U4A0




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